Edinboro Family Martial Arts Reviews

Edinboro Family Martial Arts Jan K.

Our daughter just started lessons again after her previous instructor closed his business. She was warmly welcomed by the Sensei and the other students and already feels that she has new friends. We are grateful that she can continue training close to home.

Jan K.

Edinboro Family Martial Arts Tami H.

I attend karate classes supporting my friends' daughters as they are instructed by Sensi. His instruction and talent are quite evident. He mets each student at a level they can understand and guides them with positive reinforcement. Well done Sensi!!

Just attended the belt ceremony at Edinboro Family Martial Arts last week. Wow... to watch Sensi's students develop their karate skills by weekly practice. Then to see the look of accomplishment on their faces when they are presented their belts. So good for body, mind, and soul. Thank you Sensi for teaching many virtues, not just the physical ones, to our young men and women!

Tami H.

Edinboro Family Martial Arts Liz P.

My son began lessons here after several years in a different style of martial arts. I am very impressed with the level of respect Sensei shows to all the students, regardless of rank or age. In turn, the students are learning and thriving in a safe and structured environment. Sensei takes the time to learn about each student and his/her interests and strengths outside of karate. This type of personal attention can make all the difference to a kid in today’s world. Parents and siblings are also incorporated into lessons and activities so it truly is a family martial arts center. You are getting much more than just a karate lesson here.

Liz P.

Edinboro Family Martial Arts Beth R.

My son started at Edinboro Family Martial Arts center in January of 2012. He was tested by him self to see if the sensi thought he would benefit from the program, he was then given 2 classes after that to see how he would do in a group setting. First off you have to understand MY son is ODD/ADHD. and he has a problem taking directions from people. we were doing this to help with his behavior and issues. Sensi is amazing with the kids. all the classes are taught in small groups. no more then 5 kids to the teacher. He is concerned about all the kids in the do-jo and makes sure they are holding up to their end of the bargain.( good grades, respect) My son is a yellow /black belt working on his blue/ white. He has come along way in 15 months and i cant wait to see where Sensi will be able to lead him in the future. If you are looking for a teacher that cares and wants the best for his students try Edinboro Family Martial Arts Center....

Beth R.

Edinboro Family Martial Arts Shaley W.

Very knowledgeable instructor and has a great atmosphere for training.

Shaley W.

Edinboro Family Martial Arts Michelle E.

We just started a few weeks ago and I'm already immensely impressed by the Sensei, his teaching methods, and dedication. Patient, thorough, and personalized instruction! After dealing with 'big box' dojos, this is fantastic and I feel my son has a real shot at working up to his black belt and beyond.

Michelle E.

Edinboro Family Martial Arts Tami H.

As a bystander and educator myself I am so very impressed! I attend once a week to support and observe a friend that is a student. Sensei not only teaches techniques but he also instills the discipline and respect of karate. Now days our young people don't always get to see the importance of respect as in a facility training area. Sensei has taught them respect and the importance of staying focused when you enter the training area. How has he done that? He has taught them by his kind words and corrected by the same. He never puts a student down by embarrassing them...he builds on what they did and then works to improve them! Great place for kids and adults!

Tami H.

Edinboro Family Martial Arts Shannon T.

What an awesome place with an awesome Sensei! The kids as well as the parents love him. Sensei teaches the kids with positive reinforcement, which creates a better environment for the kids to learn. It also helps that he has a great sense of humor too! My son really enjoys going to class. I highly recommend Edinboro Family Martial Arts!!

Shannon T.

Edinboro Family Martial Arts Patty R.

Love this place! Sensai is such a great role model for Aidan and the other kids!

Patty R.

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